Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2988

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You are one of my favorite instructors to watch. Your cues are so clear!! Love your technique!!!
Great workout! I love getting a cardio workout while doing Pilates!
Brilliant! Great ideas
loved this one the most. Especially the four point kneeling on the carriage. This is how I teach...using the reformer to get the heart rate up with intervals and you've just given me SO many more ideas. THANK YOU!
I just watched and took notes - can't wait to try this later today - very clear and good ideas for clients thanks!!
This is going to be a weekly event for me. All 3 classes 3 days in a row. I love the flow of the 3 classes. Thank you
Another great class. Creative, challenging, and so much fun. Love all the oblique work. Thanks, Courtney!
That was awesome!! Thank you for helping new moms get back in shape and keeping Pilates fresh and fun!
Such a great series and so creative... as usual! Thank you!!
This is by far my favourite of the series of three. I teach a HIIT Pilates on a regular basis and I have loved seeing this on Pilates Anytime!!! This one in particular!!! Thank you for offering some more power to all of us!
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