Breath and Endurance<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3028

Breath and Endurance
Amy Havens
Class 3028

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Kay H
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Hi Amy,
I loved this, but I did realize I had forgotten how to   breathe. LOL. I sent this to Ali too. She is really trying to work on that baby body to  turn into her dancer body again. 
Thanks for your help.
Hi Kay !  I'm so glad  you enjoyed this class and oh yes, the breathing!!!  It's a real thing isn't it?!!  Happy to help Ali with any class ideas -- we have SO many great classes on this site!!
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Loved the focus on breath. Enjoyed everything about this class. Thank you. 
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I can't wait for this challenge and what a great class to start with. I find it is something I am continually working on to ensure full breath throughout all movements so I found this so helpful and also that I could get more out of my movements through the breath focus. Thank you Amy!!
Welcome to this challenge Katherine E !!!  Yes, getting full breath in our movements can be very challenging indeed.  It's always a practice!  Enjoy the 10 class challenge, glad you're here!
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I am a singer and this is perfect for breath support for singing! Thank you!
Karen M thank you... yes!  I've heard this before from a few of my singer PA members and so happy it complimented your skills!!  Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!~
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