Day 9: Breathing
Kristi Cooper
Class 3037

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class 9, check!
Ok now I'm torn because I really loved the ball work, but I also found sooo much in this class. I guess I have to stop saying one is my favorite because they are each great! Really loved this and it helped me connect in a new way. Thank you Kristi!
Lori, That is one of the greatest compliments I could have hoped for during this challenge. Thank you for sharing it with me!
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I agree with Lori, Kristi. This class was really great!
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Kristi, one more to go, so sad it is over, hope you do it again, I will be there.
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Thank you. Ready for #10
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The circle was the biggest surprise of this challenge for me. Not having it when I did this exercise really convinced me of its potential. Next step: get the circle and exercise more! Thank you Kristi Cooper for the opportunity to make this discovery. I wouldn't have considered it otherwise.
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With every class I feel my back getting younger thank you
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Lovely class, really nice tool to help focus on the breath at the start of the class.
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