Full-Body Reformer
Maria Leone
Class 3048

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This is a wonderful workout---I really needed that side plank/twist with feet on the foot plate and hands mid carriage. At 5'2", that is perfect for my height.
I am only 5'1" and understand that sometimes certain exercises don't fit on our bodies. I prefer the twist variation I perform here to the traditional twist. It is just fits better and is less awkward on a small frame.
Loved it!! I will do this practice more often and really enjoyed the variations plus unilateral prone work on the box! Thanks Maria!!:)
Amazing thank you
BRILLIANT all round class Maria
Thank you!
This was fabulous! Fun AND challenging! Thanks so much!
Loved this. Love your style. Thanks :)
Loving this class. The Russian Splits series was wonderfully put together and the standing side series was blissful. Will be on eager lookout for the next class with Maria !! :)
Maria Leone another fantastic, challenging workout!
Thank you Maria for the creative and very nice workout.
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