Full-Body Prenatal Reformer<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 308

Full-Body Prenatal Reformer
Leah Stewart
Class 308

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leah stewart, this is a great class for pregnant women and for anybody who is a bit on the obese side. thanks . blanche
Great class and ideas for the pregnant client! Learned some new modifications that will be very useful!
Thanks Blanche! I love doing this class a couple of times a week. I'm so glad that you enjoyed! Leah
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fantastic...could even use for someone coming back after illness or injury....thank you!
Wonderful class. This class will be great for my senior clients. Thanks so much!
Very nice class, great modifications! Not just for the pregnant client as Leah says. Loved the arm work series esp. Wonderful flow. Completely off the subject but where did you get the top you had on Leah?? So cute. always looking for something different. Thanks ! Jamie
Thank you for the nice comments ladies! I am so glad that you are enjoying the class for a whole range of different clients.

Jamie - That top is from Lululemon.
Question? On the side lying single leg, when you are setting up( & i understand the hips and shoulders need to be stacked) but can you move the hips back toward back edge of carriage then stack hips..and should u lift up thru sides of waist during movement. I realize you set this up for pregnant clients..but for those not pregnant and wanting the glute/hip work, I suppose my question pertains to those particular clients. I love this exercise! I have some IS issues on left hip and I find this really helps with that! Thanks. Jamie
excuse me Leah, I did mean SI and not IS... spelling error sorry!
Hi Jamie!

Honestly, I have not tried to set up in any other position than shoulders and hips stacked and in line with one another. I lean toward that position simply because it provides the best alignment for the torso and pelvis.

Yes, both sides of the waist should be engaged and supported during the exercise.

Hope this helps a bit!

Take care Jamie!

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