Arm Weights Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 3086

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Yay!!!!! Lisa THANK YOUUU - I had 10 minutes to workout and you worked me out. Sweating and happy and energised to teach 3 classes in a row. Feeling the internal shower xxx
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Just what I needed for an add on today. Thanks for another gem!
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Great quick arm workout! Thanks!!
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Wow amazing what 10 min can do! Love your workouts, more please:)
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Perfect addition to a mat class!!! Loved this Lisa!
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Megan Macgregor sometimes 10-mins is all we get, so happy you broke a sweat & felt the internal shower! Thanks for taking class!
Lori tbank you Lori appreciate you taking class with me :)
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Laura happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for joining me
Liz Liz so appreciate your support thanks so much 💛
Janine L. thank you so much Janine happy you enjoyed 🌼
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