Mat for Hips and Low Back
Trent McEntire
Class 3121

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So great Joni !!
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Excellent class! On my favorite list now! Thanks.
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Amazing!!! Loved every minute of this workout! You are wonderful Trent McEntire. Came into the class with a grumpy right QL and coming out with a happy back! Feeling grateful... :)
Great news Pam !
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Thank you! Great workout!
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Second time taking this class and when I heard "you're almost done" my first thought was "oh no!" This session is proof that we don't need endless repetitions to feel the work. The elongation for sidelying with scrupulous avoidance of hip hiking makes an enormous difference!
Thanks for sharing Joni ! I love that you find it helpful!
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I've taught Pilates for over 17 years and the idea of 'gathering in' the abdominals is working so effectively in my classes...LOVE this session
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Excellent choice of exercises and you teach them so well !
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❤️ brilliant side lying cues. Thank you
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