Strong Mat Flow
Rael Isacowitz
Class 3138

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Phew. Deliberate pace? Why am I sweating so much? This class was wonderful and your enthusiasm is so motivating. Thank you Rael.
Fantastic! Love it!
Thank you Rael for this beautiful mat class!! FLOW & PRECISION...
Wow, that warmed me up on a cold winters day here.!! Thanks Rael.
Thank you so much for an amazing class Rael!
Absolutely stunning!!! Enough said..
My heartfelt gratitude to you all for your beautiful comments. I am so happy you enjoyed this mat class. As I have always stated, the mat work is the "crown jewel" of Pilates. I love it!
Awesome! Only with you I can do my teaser! Always love your way of teaching. Thanks a lot, want more.
Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous, thank you Rael
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