Free Flowing Mat<br>Kristi C. & Meredith R.<br>Class 3199

Free Flowing Mat
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 3199

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Truly wonderful class, thank you both so much!!!
Hello from the UK:) Really enjoyed this class thank you. I've been practising for about 6 years now and been a qualified teacher for less than 1 year but absolutely loving it. I have a class on Tuesday of 15 lovely ladies and I think they will enjoy this one. Really enjoyed the corkscrew reference - I think many of my clients will relate to this;)) Also the modifications to single leg stretch in terms of prep were really challenging. Hope to meet you both one day. With very best wishes (I love teasers too - must be something about us Brits).
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how delicious!! loved the boomerang to finish :)
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perfect as always...thank you
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I've been outside enjoying our endless East Coast summer for the last month...this video was a perfect return to pilates practice. Meredith and Kristi are always great together and this video showcases their wonderful friendship.
So happy to be back in class with you all and with my friend Meri too. Jennifer, please thank Winnie for giving me that extra bit of courage I needed to come back into the studio on this level. I still have a lot of work to do to feel strong again, but my head feels better every day and I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to keep trying. I hope Winnie is doing well too!
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Thanks Meredith and Kristi! The friendly and enjoyable way you teach is a reason more why I love pilates anytime. The exercises are great!,
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One of my favourite workouts, love the flow. Thank you
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Dear Kristy- thank you for giving me extra courage to keep trying like you especially on tough days and to enjoy running and skipping with my friends and doing Pilates with my mummy (and you and Meri!) on the good days! Love Winnie xo.
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wow this was hard work but i loved it thank you
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