Elite Athlete Reformer<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 3218

Elite Athlete Reformer
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 3218

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LOVE LOVE LOVE!! More please !
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What a stunning class!!! Such beautiful grace in execution of power movements! Loved it! Thank you Diane Diefenderfer!
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What a great class. Absolutely loved it. Thank you
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Thank you!! Always great to hear you teach and cue, you are an inspirational teacher More like this please!!
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Loved this class, a keeper! Thank you Diane, this class really fuels my passion. Hope to see you back soon! And thank you PA for exposing me to the best teachers ever!
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My thighs are shaking! Great fun - thank you!
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That was amazing. Inner and outer thighs will feel this one. I feel two inches taller and 20 years younger. Thank you so much, Diane. xo
Moushumi K
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Thank you Diane it felt good to be doing such a controlled class! Feeling every part of me and focusing on it.
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Thank you Diane, this was like poetry🙏
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Wow!! my new favorite class!! I loved every bit of it. Thank you so much for such a beautiful class!
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