Day 2: Efficiency<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3284

Day 2: Efficiency
Monica Wilson
Class 3284

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Hi Monica Wilson ! I had an abdominoplasty 8 weeks ago to repair moderate-severe diastasis recti after having my twins. I'm a classical instructor and worked with amazing teachers from The Pilates Center of Boulder and Romana's Pilates for several months, but my separation was bad enough to give me a hernia and was causing dull, constant pain. I've done a little Pilates over the past month, but am just now ready to up my game, but in a safe and functional way. This series is really an answered prayer. It's exactly what I need to regain strength and stamina after several sedentary weeks. As an instructor, I know when to modify to make things more appropriate for me, but this pace and your own story have been so supportive and encouraging to me. Thank you, and I hope our paths cross one day!
Monica Wilson
Gosh Everlea! Diastasis Recti is no fun but it sounds like you learned a lot about your body and how to rehab. Fantastic! What a gift to be able to heal one's own body and then get to take it to the next level. I hope you enjoy the rest of the challenge! Thank you for sharing your story!
I trIed to come up with mat variations. I am sweating, so I guess I had a workout. 
Good! As I don't have acess to equipment at the moment,  I Will follow you when it is apropriate. Sorry Mônica Wilson, I really appreciate your classes.
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