Athletic Mat Flow
John Garey
Class 3296

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You are amazing !!!
Great one John! I'm definitely going to use some of your standing exercises for my warm-up in class. Loved it!
wooow, John Garey, thank you so much!!! İ feel myself awake after this class!!! thank you!!!!
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An awesome workout!!! Clear and concise cues and I loved the band and circle exercises too!
this was great feel really stretched out and worked. And some great alternatives to my usual routine. Thank you John
Great class. Pace was perfect to maintain good form or speed up if needed. One of my favorite classes!
Wow what a boxing day Gem Class! Different from the usual is nice! Clear Instructions (Ill be pinching a few of them) and great flow. Thank You!
Great exercise, time flew by...great streches!
Excellent class, clearly cued as ever. Loved it!
This is a fantastic class, I like to watch first before doing it. You are in great shape, every muscle can be noticed, I will do it little later on. thank you for the wonderful class. Clear clue, great teacher. Thank you. blanche
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