Lolita on Breathing<br>Lolita San Miguel<br>Tutorial 330

Lolita on Breathing
Lolita San Miguel
Tutorial 330

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did you say you inhale for 30??? beautiful!!! I love this...thank you for teaching me !!! I will practice !!!
Fantastic, I need to work on this. Love it.
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30 counts?! I could barely inhale for 8! I have a long way to go....great reminder and great instruction. Thank you!
Wow! Barely got to 10...must practice. Thank you!
I want to know it when someone gets to 30! Heck! I want to know it when someone gets to 18! I'm not even close, but I have gotten better! Thanks Lolita!
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I can go up to 20, only because I did hypnobirthing to have my daughter drug-free. It took a lot of practice, but it was so worth it!
Impressive Shannon... in at least TWO ways! Well done!
I can't wait to teach this and work on this myself! Lolita you are an inspiration! And, Shannon this will be a great exercise to teach especially to all of my prenatal clients! I can't wait to watch my students progress!!
Basic yet so helpful.
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What a treat ! Perfect for creating presence and awareness.
Thank you.
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