Functional Mat Practice
Tom McCook
Class 3312

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Please keep giving us these type of class Tom, my body loves it!
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What a terrific class! Really precise cues. Many thanks!
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Amazing Class!!! Its always good to go to the basics... Super mind body connection... :)
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Such an intelligent class, full of goldYou put it together so beautifully! I feel wonderful, took this twice already. I wanted to understand why on the hamstring stretch part of the exercise you chose to flex the spine rather than keep it straight as we want to stretch the diff parts of the hamstrings. thank you Tom
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Great feedback Tamar, really happy to hear this work is resonating with so many!!
Great question to ponder Tamar about the flexed spine. This is what's designed to happens during strike and shift phase of gait with load to the muscles that are lengthening with a flexed spine. We're just giving it a boost!! All the best!
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A fun and relaxed class.
That was lovely thank you!
magical ! THank you 🙏 
You're very welcome!! Thank you for your feedback, enjoy!!
Thank you so much! All the gyms and studios are closed and this helped me feel grounded and active while at home.
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