Functional Mat Practice
Tom McCook
Class 3312

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Brilliant! Thank you!
Thank you Jane!
All the best to you😊🙏
He has such a soothing voice, that it is also serious and comforting. I love this class. 
Thank you Marcela for your warm, encouraging feedback! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying!
This was my first class with Tom. Loved the way the class was conducted, the pace, the attention to all the details, in a relaxed manner! And am surely coming for more and repeating this one  again and again to be able to absorb all the precious info. Excellent cueing, too. Thank you, PA and Tom McCook!
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Dear Andrea F, Thank you for your message! I'm really happy to hear the class was satisfying for you. I wish the best with your  practice and hope you have more inspirational experiences with my other classes. All the best to you,Tom
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