Cary Regan on Romana<br>Cary Regan<br>Discussion 3319

Cary Regan on Romana
Cary Regan
Discussion 3319

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Thank you! Loving these interviews! 😍
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Thank you for sharing your experience.
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As with al of this project, I really enjoyed Cary talk about her time, her perspective. It also helped to tie together various events that occurred in that time line, so now everything really makes sense. Thanks so much.
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That was so interesting! I love these special features that you do. Thank you so much!
Cary Regan, speaks to the history of the Pilates method with incredible detail, ability to connect fragments, bridge gaps, reflect the past, and demonstrate what it is to thrive in the present Pilates environment. Pilates Anytime has the largest and continually growing library of special features that we call the Pilates Legacy Project and I am so thrilled that we have just added this important contribution. I'm sharing the trailor to the library that you can find here on the website as part of your membership. From there, you can explore the 60 or so videos in whatever fashion you like...
Follow Romana's lineage, or perhaps you prefer to learn about Kathy Grant. You can even take class with her (and Blossom and Cara) and NYU! How about Ron Fletcher?, or Eve Gentry? ... Mary Bowen, Lolita San Miguel, Carola Trier... They're all there! I hope you'll all take the exploration. Thank you Cary Regan!
Lore Miller
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Thank you Cary for sharing this historical journey you experienced training and working with Romana. It was absolutely fascinating to have so many intimate incites into the Romana saga and Pilates history pieced together. Brilliant!
Debora Kolwey
Dear Cary. I don't know if you would remember me from a couple of times I came to the studio between 1985-1989. The second time I had torn my ACL and you held my hand, insisting I do side splits when I was terrified. I so love your interview! Thank you! You bring my own memories into such clarity; it's like sharing family stories with a relative you haven't seen for a long time. I can't stop smiling. Thank you!
Eric C
Thank you for this great interview. I think anyone who works in the exercise industry can hear their own story amongst the constant shifts in location, owners, and greed that Cary talks about experiencing in her historic Pilates career. To work long term we have to be open to rolling with the waves of change and upheavals that are ever present in our industry AND, just like Cary, know when you'd rather scrub toilets than follow a trend...
Cary, I am so glad to see you on Pilates Anytime. I am so grateful for your teaching at JRW of me to become a pilates teacher. Even though we are both nyc folks our paths do not cross yet. Thank you again! Love Lesley Powell
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