Upper Body Strengthening<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3422

Upper Body Strengthening
Amy Havens
Class 3422

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My arms and shoulders thank you Amy!!! great standing workout.
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Super, loved this x
Susan B
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Amy - what size hand weights were you using?
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Thanks Amy. Good to get clear instruction on some of these exercises used quite regularly.
Sara Ellis-Owen
Loved the sparklers!
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I really loved those slow push-ups from all fours! What a sweet little workout, Amy!
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Wow wow wow, Amy! Guess I need to work on my upper body strength more! I didn't really know before this class! :)
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Thanks gals! I'm using 2 lb weights here. You can certainly can use 3 lbs but probably nothing heavier is needed. Susan B ! Glad you enjoyed this fun little class!
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Loved it! Thank you!
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Great arm work Amy! The cueing during the scapulae slides was a great way to work toward finding even engagement between both left and right shoulder blades. I'll be adding this video to my weekly workouts for sure!
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