Athletic Wunda Chair<br>Tash Barnard<br>Class 3489

Athletic Wunda Chair
Tash Barnard
Class 3489

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Hi Tash, I love your energy and cues. You are fun to listen to. It is hard teaching husbands but fun. Thanks for the class and hope to see more sessions.
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Great sequence on chair and very challenging..needed this for my athletic clients!
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Great instruction for student who is not an expert in chair class. You have a wonderful, fun energy and make the class a lot of fun. Kudos to your husband as well!
Those monster walks are being added to my repertoire. I need to strengthen my hips.


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Loved it Tash!! You made SA pilates instructors proud!!! 😉
Great class and I especially enjoyed the complete connection - from the starting roll down all the way to the ending with a roll up.
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Thank you for a wonderful video!!
Kat Ernst
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Thank you Tash, this was amazing! And I totally agree with you, teaching to your husband is one of the hardest things! LOL.
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Brilliant cueing and corrections - fab both of you! Do you run workshops Tash? I am in Lusaka and travel to SA occasionally please let me know thanks Di
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Loved this class! The monster walks were awesome. I like using the split pedal as well. Thank you!
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hi. I tried almost 80% of this workout and my clients loved it. amazing Chair workout. Thanks.
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