Foam Roller Flow
Tash Barnard
Class 3495

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Great workout Tash! I loved the energy of this class.
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What a great combo of roller and circle! I love it!
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WELL... firstly what a fun workout! It was very well taught with great cues. Even better.. Tash... Ive just returned from KZN visiting my family in SA and always feel very homesick when I get back to the UK. You have really cheered me up and I laughed out loud when you said 'slap chips'. Baie Baie Dankie my skat! Hope to see you again soon. xxxx
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Tash, thank you!! I have been wanting a combo roller and circle class. Great class!
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Thank you Tash, what a lovely friendly happy session, getting a fabulous workout & stretching.
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Thank you for a challenging, balanced and fun class!! I'll be back to take this one again along with the dream team.
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You taught me once in Knysna with Tony Jadim, and were fantastic then - and you havn't lost your touch! Fabulous workout and lovely to see everyone having a giggle. Thank you so much! Brilliant :)
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Lovely class, Tash! Really enjoyed it all ... the challenging work as well as the giggles! That's how I like to roll too. Looking forward to more of your classes.
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Loved the combination of circle & roller . Challenging but will keep trying . Loved your little tips on feedback from clients
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Love it! Challenging and balanced,stretching work, (giggles, fun)and I have to say: I love the dream team!Thank you Tash
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