Mixed Equipment Workout
Amy Havens
Class 353

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Great choreography, loved this!
Amy, I am about ready for another fun jumpboard class!! When you think u can do another? Also a question,, when setting up jumpboard do you need to adjust the carriage out further away than usual? Just wondering..my footboard is rather tall and actually also doesnt fit too well no matter how i try and tighten it. ( i have a balanced body) but wondering at the angle since it seems i have my knees almost under my chin when i attach footboard. Hope this makes sense. Jamie
Thank you Mona! More on the way!
Fun and great to raise my heart rate!
It would be helpful if there were a little note with the introduction of the class saying "we will be starting with "X" springs". Because the instructor already knows and has their reformer set, they don't allow the student time to make the necessary adjustment to begin class and do the full amount of reps without pausing the video, setting the machine and then unpausing the video.
Enjoyable class overall!
Hi Heather......thanks for your feedback. I thought I had mentioned the spring tensions that I was using before I began the actual class, I'm so sorry about that. Of course, it would make it a bit difficult to stop your flow, pause the video, change springs etc.... I'm making a note to myself to make a statement about spring tension prior to beginning the actual workout. Thank you for mentioning this Heather.
Awesome choreography!!! Love it!!!!!
Thank you Stacy!!
What a fun class..borrowing/stealing ;)))
Hi Sunni, glad you were inspired! :) Pilates should be fun!!
Thank you, Amy! I love your "in the moment" cueing. :)
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