Lengthening Tower
Meredith Rogers
Class 3549

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I like very much the rhythm of your workouts.
I can listen your breathing and I feel the connection of the muscles.
Thank you :)
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Lovely class, beautiful flowers - definitely lengthening!
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Delicious! Thank you Meredith🙏🙏
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Awesome flow Meredith, thank you for this lengthening tower class, the body feels great after the class.
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Great class
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Very nice class! I did this with two clients yesterday and they floated out of the studio : ) Thank you Meredith!
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Great start to my Friday 😄 thank you
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I’ve had my Tower for about six years and haven’t ever done one-legged footwork until today. Thanks for teaching me something new!
Thank you lovely ladies!!
There's always something new to learn Stacey! Happy to share with you!
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