Day 3: Lower Body<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3591

Day 3: Lower Body
Tracey Mallett
Class 3591

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No sliders plus carpet workout space, so skipping for now.
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Thank you! I needed something that I enjoyed to really get me back in to a routine. I look forward to this each day so far!
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WOW! This class will become one of my fav lower body ones! So great! My hips were cranky as I've been sick and hadn't been able to workout like I usually do, but by the end of this...they feel amazing! Thank you!
Charlotte H
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Your a machine Tracey! Seriously tough work out loved it thank you!
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Loved the balancing exercises - we are stronger than we think, and this routine serves as a perfect reminder ;)
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Tracey, am loving all your classes. Very challenging...thank goodness they aren't an hour long.
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Certainly a challenge! Thanks Tracey.
Love this challenge, see you at the next class!
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so far so awesome, i love the stretching part. Thank you Tracey!
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I did this workout yesterday but came back to comment today when my booty and hips were pleasantly sore! Wow!
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