Theraband Flow
Joanne Bezzina
Class 3620

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Katarina S and Roberta M glad you enjoyed the class!
This was a fantastic class! I like how the Theraband shifts the emphasis on stabilization for certain exercises to other parts of the body. When I do Swan I normally think of the front more, and not so much the legs. The Leg Pull/Reverse plank is the opposite. Doing the regular Polestar repertoire after the Theraband also feels much more precise!
thanks Jo Loved it! xo
A great class with some great variations using the band. Thank you Joanne. 
Enjoyed this class! Thanks 😊
Great class. Thank youJoanne Bezzina . I really enjoyed it.
Lovely Class Joanne.  Particularly like the prone extension series and the mermaid series. The timing, flow and tone of your voice is excellent.
Yehh an Aussie,  great class. Tks,.🤸‍♂️
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