Theraband Flow<br>Joanne Bezzina<br>Class 3620

Theraband Flow
Joanne Bezzina
Class 3620

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Katarina S and Roberta M glad you enjoyed the class!
This was a fantastic class! I like how the Theraband shifts the emphasis on stabilization for certain exercises to other parts of the body. When I do Swan I normally think of the front more, and not so much the legs. The Leg Pull/Reverse plank is the opposite. Doing the regular Polestar repertoire after the Theraband also feels much more precise!
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thanks Jo Loved it! xo
Katarina S
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A great class with some great variations using the band. Thank you Joanne. 
Enjoyed this class! Thanks 😊
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Great class. Thank youJoanne Bezzina . I really enjoyed it.
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Lovely Class Joanne.  Particularly like the prone extension series and the mermaid series. The timing, flow and tone of your voice is excellent.
Daniela H
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Yehh an Aussie,  great class. Tks,.🤸‍♂️
Thanks for sharing all of your pilates creativity!!
 Mary Briggs McCabe Thank you for taking the time to do my class and comment. Glad that you had a good experience!
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