Spine Corrector Flow<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 3679

Spine Corrector Flow
Brett Howard
Class 3679

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Great barrel for clients with lumbar spine weakness! Counting is a challenge will take a lot of practice! Thanks for your patience and individual attention!
Love your classes. Very professional and a very clear language. Thanks
Fabulous class! Beautiful flowing movement and I love tone of his voice!!!! Thank you Brett!
Fantastic!!! Thanks so much to Brett and PilatesAnytime!!
Petra C
I LOVED this class!!! Thank you 🙏 so much👏
Enjoyed the pace of this class and working from all angles on spine corrector
Fantastic! As a non-dancer I was a bit intimidated to try this, but ended up enjoying it a lot. Would have appreciated cues on how to achieve the lateral lifts if you don't have a Mat with a strap Otherwise, such great work and while I was familiar with the "Businessman special" exercises (in contemporary versions) it was such a great insight that JP called them that! As someone with a desk job, these are among my very favorites and so it makes total sense )
Thanks for the fun time, Brett!
Amazing! I loved this cuing and I feel really excited to apply a lot of the same imagery and cues to a mat class for my clients and myself. I love that you have clear, directional language and also allow yourself to have fun. Thank you!
Absolutely love this workout.  Feel completely energised and ready for the day ahead.  
this was sick!!! always looking for more ways to get at those deep abs :)
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