Mobilizing Pilates Arc<br>Serafino Ambrosio<br>Class 3758

Mobilizing Pilates Arc
Serafino Ambrosio
Class 3758

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This was one of my favorite classes! I have never worker with my Arc in such fun ways!  Thank you Serafino!  More, more, more!!!
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Very innovative, exciting class! I just love using my equipment in different ways!  Squatting and foot work are especially important to me, and I am nursing a sprained ankle yet again, so need strengthening in that area.   This class is going into regular rotation for me. I look forward to more classes from you and thank you for this fun class!
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Super fun, very creative! I really enjoyed using the arc in new ways. Squats on different parts of the arc are great for balance and proprioception.  One note - I didn’t have the same spine corrector and arc as the one shown, and some of the exercises didn’t work as well with the equipment I have. Nonetheless, a terrific class.
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Some interesting and creative ways to use the arc! I also detect an Aussie accent there Serafino !! 
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I am glad you are all enjoying the new energy and ' ways of moving' i would like to inspire .. Great Thank you and yes i lived half of my life in Australia but am in Rome Italy now.  Hope to hear from u all soon ..Happy Pilates ...Anytime! Ciao 
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Yay, a new Arc class! Can't wait to try it :) :)
Grazie per questo meraviglioso allenamento! Funzionale e creativo, grazie Serafino e grazie Pilates anytime, Francesca M. Chiarenza
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That was absolutely fantastic! So many new ideas. In fact, this is brilliant.
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Creative use of the arc, and awesome energy!
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Fun! Some seriously good nuggets of creativity i there. Just what I needed-thank you:)
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