Your Ideal Teacher Self<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3873

Your Ideal Teacher Self
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3873

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Thank you Niedra! Writing down all the experience I had with ballet teachers was really moving me and so beneficial! Everything I heard today, will definitely inspire me for my next ballet classes I have to teach in future! ūüôŹ
Niedra Gabriel
Jutta  I am so glad you are gaining clarity about what qualities inspire you to become the teacher you have inside yourself.
Alessia Locatelli
Dopo quest'ultimo video mi sono accorta di avere un grande vuoto: degli insegnanti da ammirare. Ogni giorno mi ispiro sui social da vari profili di insegnati, ho solo una ragazza influencer che seguo da anni e che mi da motivazione. 
come fare quindi a concludere il video in assenza di insegnanti che nella mia vita avrebbero dovuto fare la differenza?
Niedra Gabriel
Alessia Locatelli was there no teacher in your life who you liked studying with?  this teacher does not have to be in Pilates.  Did a teacher ever inspire you? help you? what made you motivated to learn Pilates? I am sure there was someone you admired, but more important - someone who helped you? if you want to teach, you probably want to help?  or perhaps you want to be a fit, beautiful, example of what exercises look like? that is mostly what you see on social media, but can they teach?   Think about this....
I remember working so hard for years before finally getting to go en pointe and the pride I felt every time I danced with my toe shoes on. A year later I attended a one-week intensive taught by an instructor from the Royal Russian Ballet. She was tiny, old, did not smile, and carried a thin cane which she would poke us with to make corrections. The first day she had us move for a short time and split us into 2 groups. I could tell the really good dancers were in the other group - not mine. For the full week my group worked ONLY on mastering a correct first position and was never en pointe...I felt embarrassed to be in that group. After I went home, my dance teacher commented on how much my form had improved! I was shocked. Now, as a Pilates teacher, I focus on precision, form, and foundations. I've also learned the value of humility and being open to learning in unexpected ways. Thank you for helping me to remember my past and how teachers we think are the worst might just be the best.
Niedra Gabriel
Linda Hellfritsch-Robinson this is an amazing story and revelation I want to acknowledge you for.  You are so right, sometimes we learn in unexpected ways.   Happy holidays,
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Niedra! You are an angel! I am so deeply grateful for your insight and wisdom. I have been teaching and training full time since 2002. But, I don’t take enough time out for reflection… this course is fantastic. I am ready to grow and go deeper into this journey of Pilates/our bodies/what-it-means-to-teach exploration. So much love
Niedra Gabriel
Melanie P very happy to read your comment.   Yes - go inside for the riches that drive you as a teacher... the roots go deeper and deeper...
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