Talk the Talk<br>Jared Kaplan<br>Tutorial 3908

Talk the Talk
Jared Kaplan
Tutorial 3908

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Hi Jared, 
thank you for those important issues NOT to forget  WHY I'm teaching pilates ....gonne work on that
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This was fantastic. The basics, the fundamentals for self-care do we help others if we neglect ourselves. Great questions to ask myself without feeling overwhelmed.   I'm so glad to have watched this video to bring back perspective, before its too late! Thank you, Thank you
Ashley C
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Thank you for these tutorials! Such helpful insight!! 
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Great talk!
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OMG this was exactly what I needed to see today and also what our community needs as a whole! You are SO right about Pilates teachers needing to focus more on our longevity. As a teacher whose now been teaching 16years I’ve been through, and seen my friends go through terrible burnout. We all need to focus on this more and more support within our community is definitely needed as you said. Your tutorial is SO helpful! I can’t wait to watch and complete the next one! Thank you so much for giving back to our community. 🙏🏽Please keep making more content like this!!
Awesome, video. Thank you Jared and PA 🙌🏽
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Love love loved this chat! Having just opened a studio 4 months ago I found this extremely helpful!
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Self-care = watching this video. I don't think it matters if you teach part-time, full-time, have a studio, share a space – this is gold in helping you enhance your career (any career, for that matter) by giving yourself time to figure out where you come from, why you chose this and what the long-term picture looks like. Great stuff – thank you, Jared, and PA.
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I just listened to this for the 2nd time. I just want to hug you! It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in all of my feelings. Both the negative and the very positive!
Connie it's funny you say that about listening for the second time. I was there for the filming of this, but also listened to it two more times once it was life.  I'm with you!! 
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