Romana's Pilates Basic Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 391

Romana's Pilates Basic Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 391

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Monica Wilson
Unfortunately there is a lot of Pilates out there and like everything, it's not all good. I'm so glad this class has helped you and I will definitely see when I can film another one like it:)
I really love this class. Great cues, and spotting technique! Thanks for share your knowledge!!!
WOW!!!!!! Monica....I'm in my 2nd day of trial membership. This video has sold me for life!! I've taken lots of Pilates classes and have had a few private lessons. This video taught me more than all my instruction combined ever!!! BTW, I'm a recent above knee amputee. THANKS!
Monica Wilson
So glad to hear it! Please let me know if you have any specific questions or wonder if there is a way you could modify an exercise to better suit you. Thanks so much for the positive feedback! My husband, whom I'm teaching in this class, is a little biased about this one being his favorite:)
I wondered who that handsome good sport was :) Thanks so much for offering to give me modifications. I know there were a few that I needed help with. Next time I do the video I'll note specifics and get back to you. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!
Love this class
hi Monica, this class was very helpful like you said. I had a question about breathing. I used to sing a lot and when I would receive training for voice my teachers always told me to breathe using by extending and holding out my abdominal and lower back muscles. As i'm trying to do pilates I'm having trouble holding my stomach in towards my spine because I need to breathe and that causes my stomach to come out. I think my body has become patterned this way. Its very hard to breathe laterally. I will keep trying to but am struggling; it inhibits me from really engaging my powerhouse. Is there anything to help?
Monica-your classes with a low back emphasis are very therapeutic for me. You are a real practical expert; Keep the classes coming--! It is very helpful to see you work one on one with others.  It is also so apparent how much this work lights you up--thank you!
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