Spiraling Mat<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 3915

Spiraling Mat
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 3915

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Beautiful and creative class,  a bit complicated choreography, will take a few times for my body to find the flow and dance in this workout, especially in the sequence starting in mermaid, but its something to work towards and hopefully become as graceful as Rebecca while doing it!
Great ideas , thanks for sharing & inspiring :)
I loved the all movements in a beautiful flow ; it was a bit hard for me to stay in balance but I really tried to catch you up...thank you for this inspiring class...
Jenny M
so dope
Lee H
Good class, little difficult with some of the transitions on first try but should become more fluid with doing class a few times. Not much in way of ab engagement but still enjoyable
Kathy W
Absolutely fanatastic workout Rebekah!
I found it difficult to follow and keep track of which side I was on.
Silvia T
Thank you for sharing this inspirational Spiral workout with us ,Rebekah! You look very stunning,like a cat :) Expect more episodes from you!!
Annamari A
a bit difficult to follow with all those changes of direction  
I wish you would have said how yoga based this workout was. Had to skip about half of it because yoga hurts my body.
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