Day 4: Feel the Heat
Courtney Miller
Class 3922

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Courtney Miller Hi, wanted some advice please. I'm a beginner at pilates, I'm enjoying your 10 day challenge, however I'm not yet strong enough to roll myself up from laying down, or do the corkscrew? Any suggestions for what I could do instead please? Many thanks, Sarah. 
you are simply the best Courtney!!
Life is getting in the way. Haven't been on the mat for a week. A good welcome back!
Loving this challenge! Thanks Courtney xx
Sweet sweat! Quarantine sweat!
Loved this side-glute work. Invigorating class, thank you Courtney!
so fab!
This is the Day 4 class. I have taken the 1st 3 and it is now Day 4. But the video is locked.  Darn! 
best one in the series!
I love this one!
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