Day 6: Play with Tempo
Courtney Miller
Class 3924

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That was a killer to start my day! 
These are so great! I do the day workout and then the previous days back to back and its a GREAT workout. Also do the cool down video, Ive already felt my hips open up after the 6 days from doing the cool down video after I'm done. I want more challenges from you Courtney!!
Love this one!
I am so grateful for these workouts!
Had to do this again with my husband. We are getting so strong!
Good thing about these classes is that they are all 15-20 minutes.. so there is almost always enough time in one's day to take them. Additionally, if one has a bit more time (as i normally do) one can pair this class with another and have a real varied workout. Thanks, Courtney!
Love it!
Thank you! I love every one of these!
i love your challenges they give me also inspirations for may own classes - thanks so much.  greets from Germany 
Thank you Courtney, best ever... feel so much better. Great workout
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