Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 395

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Great challenging class. Classical pilates at its best
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Very good energetic class with many classic moves, low reps and mod intensity. 100% except for the "crab". Really love the class.
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Loved this accelerated class using classical pilates.
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Beautiful, flowing classical Pilates!
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loved it!! Easy to follow, i felt great when I was done!
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Wonderful class! Very challenging and but easy to follow!
Thank you!
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Fantastic class! Back to the it!
Thankyou all - glad you enjoyed the workout.
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I just loved this...the intensity, the flow. I am a Physical Therapist. I've taught mat as well for many years and it is still wonderful to be taught, to get this regularly in my own body, to add the next layer of knowledge and to continue to learn. Thank you!
Hi Lisa,

I am so glad you enjoyed the class. I know what you mean about being a student, me too!!!
You sound devoted to your own training and that is a basic in my books for longevity and freshness within any body of knowledge in life. I am happy to have my class support you.
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