Mobilizing Garuda Flow
James D'Silva
Class 3952

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one of my favorite, amazing work an awareness pure joy 
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Amazing class,  thank you James 🙏
Challenging and fun! I would reconsider the pace though, this is definitely very fast for "deliberate" and even more so since there are so many sequences to learn!
It's my fault. I couldn't follow his instructions due to his accent. After about 10 minutes I realized the class wasn't going to work for me.  
Just finished this class and so feeling so light and lifted! I must do this class at least 3 times a month! Thank you, James❤
loved it. thank you so much. it was a creative class.
I absolutely loved this workout! I feel relax, joyful, fully motivated. Thank you James! You ROCK!!!!
Thank you for this great class, I hope to see you again soon here on Pilates Anytime!
All the best!
This was a fabulous movement experience ! I loved the pace, the progressions, the challenge, your cueing, your voice, the way you advise us not to take it too seriously... everything ! Thanks a lot James :)) Please come back with more !
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amazing teacher! love everything you explain! thank you very much!
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