Improving Movement Patterns<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3960

Improving Movement Patterns
Meredith Rogers
Class 3960

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Monica G
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Thank you for the wonderful instructions. As a PT I work with clients that have had years of adaptive movement.   It’s always good to listen and watch others cue to pick up a new way to cue that just might make the connection for someone. 
Monica G I am so happy that you enjoyed.  Feel free to share any of my cues for yourself.  
Maria D
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Quite intruding to have your hand poking in her belly and expect her to breath on top! she looks like she's having a stressful time which is a shame..
Maria D
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Plus you haven't stop criticising her movement. Try finding more productive and encouraging guidance to get results from your students.. Or if you are unable to do so, please don't film your teaching!!
Maria D thank you for your feedback.  I'm sorry this class wasn't to your liking.
Tucker and I are working to help her recover and work around a very specific rib injury which is why there is such detail and precision offered to her in this class.
Victoria B
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Meredith this is truly beautiful instruction. As a BASI Comp student watching you work with Tucker...I learn so much about how you assess and work with her body. I love this Teacher's Corner...thank you to you both. So insightful and inspiring
Victoria B thank you very much.  I am so glad this was useful to you.
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