New Year's Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3980

New Year's Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3980

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This is what I exactly need for today; thank you so much for being here and Happy New Year....
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Happy new year, Meredith! Wish you a wonderful 2020!  Great first class! XOXO
Melissa W
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Love your classes and teaching style Meredith!
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Happy new Year, dear Meredith! What a wonderful start into 2020, - thank you!
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Inspiring, innervating and as positive as ever - just what we need in 2020-many thanks Meredith
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Happy New Year! Thank you for this class and so grateful to be practicing Pilates together! 
You guys are the MOST best!  I've been away for the holidays, holed up in the snow, and this is the absolute nicest thing to read in the new year.  You all inspire me!  Please, keep inspiring one another and looking out for one another and most especially being kind to yourselves......happy new year...happy new decade...may we all grow and prosper...
Asuncion Asuncion tell me when to come visit Spain!  I've never been and I would LOVE to come. xx
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Happy New Year to all of us! Thank you Meredith! 
Eleanor VonTrapp
Meredith! ur classes are always brilliant!
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