Somatic Meditation<br>James Crader<br>Class 3988

Somatic Meditation
James Crader
Class 3988

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Julie Lloyd
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This is absolutely awesome, thank you James. Creating space to reduce tension and anxiety. For me, this helped me to open my tight left hip and breath better. Your teaching style is also very soothing while at the same time being very focused and informative. 

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Here u are at last!! Long time no see! I love the way u teach, indeed. That's it.
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Julie Thank you!! Yeah ... this awareness practice has helped me to do the same with my left hip. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. Looking forward to reading what you think of the next two upcoming classes that use this mindfulness practice as a guide.
Filippo I really appreciate that ... Glad you found the new video! There'll be two more coming out over the next couple weeks. Looking forward to reading what you think about them as well.
Duangduan C
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Awesome James, Somatic Meditation class it is very good and help me a lot. I never played attention about How I sit. After I saw this class make me think and the way you are explain it is very helpful and good to know a lot of things you teach and looking forward the next class thank you.
Julie Lloyd
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I really look forward to your next class James. By the way, I included some of your meditation in my Pilates class here in Australia last night, and it had a lovely impact. So, thanks again.
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Glad you are back!  Can’t wait to watch and practice what you have coming up!  
Duangduan Thank you! I appreciate your comment, and am so happy to know you found the meditation helpful. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the upcoming two classes that add to this experience.
Julie YEESSS! I love to hear that the work was accessible and implementable. 
Bonnie Me too! Once you've had time to play with the material ... please let me know what ya' think!
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