Somatic Meditation<br>James Crader<br>Class 3988

Somatic Meditation
James Crader
Class 3988

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So good.  So fundamental.  Thank you, James.  Looking forward to your classes.  Well explained.
Allison H
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Thank you so very much for this class, and I really look forward to the reformer and mat follow-up. I went to your session at the PMA conference and it was by far the most important session I attended. Your work, in my opinion, is the missing piece in Pilates. If I can help facilitate better intereoception in both my own body and my clients I feel like deeper healing/understanding can occur. Grateful for you, and that my path interesected with yours.
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Thanks James it was so interesting to me to experience the sensation like my left or ight side or the brain was expanding to look forward beyond the walls. Also it was interesting to go deeper the eyebrow and feel a different contraction and expansion there. I would like to have access to more of these type of meditations.
Thanks a lot 
Robyn Baxter Thank you!! I really appreciate that ... teaching something as personal as somatic meditation was a risk ... glad to hear it's landing well with people.
Allison I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful words! I'm so happy to know you found your time with me worthwhile (both in person and here on PA). YES ... the more we work on our self through our own practice ... the more tools and experience we have to offer with our students. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the next two classes. Reformer comes out this Friday!
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Marcela You are welcome!! I have had the same experience with this practice. It's so valuable on a biomechanical level ... but the real juice is in how it influences our brain connections / spatial awareness / sense of self / and beyond. Glad you're enjoying the series so far.
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James, THANK YOU, really informative and number of aspects for me to look into in more depth......I will share with my classes in an attempt to realise your legacy,,,sits bones wide!Thanks again
Mel That's all in can ask. HA! I appreciate your curiosity & support, and would love to hear how the explorations went for both you and your students!
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Thank you James, very interesting and thought provoking. Sometimes I think things are in the ether. Have been teaching wide sit bones over the last couple of weeks. Now I can add to that with your information. 🙏🏻
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You are awesome!! Thank you. Going to work on this with some clients later. My offside is the right and I found it very challanging to feel as grounded through my sit bones on my right. Will keep at it.
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