Reformer Exploration
James Crader
Class 3990

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Connie Thank you! Did you view the first video of this series yet? THere’s a really nice somatic experience video that deepens this workout.
Heikki Awww! Friend, I really appreciate that! Thank you for watching .... hope our paths cross soon.
Jessica I really appreciate that ... thank you!
Paula Thank you! I think creating that connection with a students deepens the understanding of the material for both of us. 
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I loooove your non-traditionalness, James! Freedom in movement feels so good :)) And I believe presence and self awareness make us more responsible for what we do to our bodies, and more creative too ! Thanks a lot :)))
Loved this video! sheer joy and freedom of movement and self awareness :)
Thanks James! Lovely inspirational ideas to change your internal practice.
Anne P. Thank you! I'm glad to hear that people are ready to take ownership of their movement / body / choices in all the ways! 
Janis Stapely Thank you! I'm so happy that it's resonating with you and others!
Lesley Powell Thank you, Dear Friend! That's a high compliment coming from someone I admire so much ... I'll take it! 
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