Set it & Forget it Cadillac
Viktor Uygan
Class 4009

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Cant wait to try🙏
Hi Z A , I know this is not the time for Cadillac Class unless you live in your Pilates Studio 🤣but if you get a chance go ahead watch it and let me know what you think?
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I have one combo cadillac reformer from basi at home🙏🙏 ı feel so lucky🙏
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You were right Viktor, lots of unexpected twists with this workout! I modified with my tower, a sitting box and roll back bar and it felt great! Love your rotation creativity for upper and lower body. Many thanks for your inspiration and smiles😊
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Cannot WAIT to take this class 🙌🏼🙌🏼
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I am lucky enough to have a reformer/tower combo.  I watched this through and am wondering if you think using a stability ball  on the reformer/tower will give similar muscle activation.  I realize you are “pulling down” on the trapeze vs. “pushing up” if my legs are on the ball.  Thanks!
Z A great to hear you have what you need at your disposal during this time and you get to try my class 😀
hi Rosemary really happy to hear you enjoyed the unexpected twists my class provided. My pleasure to hear i got to inspire and put a smile on your face ( and body ) 😀
Hi Laura , I am happy to hear you are excited about taking this class. Please let me know how it goes? 🤔
Hi Lori yes if you don't have the Trapeze bar you could use a ball and do the exercises in this class. Thank you for a great question 🙏
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