Set it & Forget it Cadillac
Viktor Uygan
Class 4009

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"Maintain your smile in your face and in your body. Keep smiling so people can be moved by you". I love this Thanks a lot for this lovely class, Viktor. I "only" have a tower, so i couldn't quite do it all but this forced my creativity ;)
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I too am very thankful I have a reformer tower unit in my house. I don’t have the ability to use the trapeze so I also used the ball didn’t make it through the side planks too well though. Loved  the footwork bottom load  with the push through bar. Thank you so much!! 
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Thank you Victor that was an amazing class I have a Cadillac at my home/studio but since I live in Italy those 45minutes brain washed all my sadness.ciao Adele.
Hi Anne P.  so happy to hear you enjoyed the class and my class helps you to force your creativity 😀regarding doing my class in a tower combo try to use a ball for the exercises that I did in the Trapeze. Let me know how it goes?
Hi Connie so happy to hear you enjoyed my class and figured out to make the best out of it without having the trapeze bar. Thank you for your comment and for moving with me 🙏
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Bow and arrow made my day🙏🙏🙏
Hi Adele we all know how you feel and knowing my class helped you to brainwashed all your sadness makes my day and washes my sadness as well 😀Thank you for your comment and moving with me 🙏
Hi Z A  YES I agree 🙋🏻‍♂️the bow and arrow feels so good 😀
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I absolutely love an instructor like this. Lean work with strength. So beautiful to watch. Thank you for this wonderful clean no nonsense class. Full of ideas even if one is not lucky enough to have the Cadillac.
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Hi Lani i a must say you made my day with your sweet comment. So happy to hear you enjoyed my teaching style and class. Thank you🙏🏻 for moving with me and please do let me know what you think about my other classes inPilates Anytime
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