Foot Work Workout
Madeline Black
Class 403

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The class stopped playing at 18:46 min.
@Loretta: I tested it in high and low formats and it played all the way through, so there isn't a problem with the video file. Sometimes, there can be a disruption in your internet connection. I believe if you try again, it will work for you.
Amazing. Loved it--incredible full body sensation.
Thank you so much! Amazing class. You continue to bring us enlightening teachers and lessons. Thank you Madeline and Pilates Anytime!
Thank you, Ted, I can watch it without problem now. Madeline, Thank you for this wonderful class. It refresh the information about Pilates for feet I learned from Joanna Speller few years. I hope that Madeline Black's Hip workshop will be up soon. Thank Pilates Anytime for all of efforts on the classes and workshops.
loved the a PT who works with dancers it was a great to see a different spin on exercises I use with patients. I liked the broccoli band and using the whole leg not just working the foot! Thanks Madeline and Pilates Anytime!
Hi There
I love this class, really interesting. One question about the knee lifting exercise. I tied this on myself, and yes one patella lifted more than the other. I understand how one knee cap Can be held high, but why does one lift more than the other? and what is the relevance of this exercise?
Many thanks
This was great thanks!
I also had trouble with this video not loading. It went for the first few minutes and then would return to the beginning.
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I had no trouble with this video. Great class! I have trouble with my feet and know to exercise them daily really helps. Thanks for some new exercises. I hope you will have some other classes on feet exercises.
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