Just Move Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4048

Just Move Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 4048

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Amy K
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Thank you! Really enjoyed your class!
Thank you all for joining me in this class. I always love the basics and really just anything that reminds me of who I am today. The basics seem to be my best measure.  That said, Lorie, a 25-mile bike ride is not the norm for me so kudos to you! 
Excellent breakdowns of exercises :D Thank you Kristi!
So good! Thank you.
Loved that, thank you Kristi - good to go back to basics and felt so good x
Thankyou x
thank you though more a Level 1....
I only watched this today ....I learn. I totally felt the work .  I loved the rolling sequences and the teaser !!   You are an inspiring instructor !!!    I'll do it with you tomorrow !!  Namaste !!!
Carol C
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Very nice class with a humble and very experienced teacher. Kristi was thinking about the students the whole time. 
DeBorah C
just right!
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