Roll, Release, and Restore<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4105

Roll, Release, and Restore
Amy Havens
Class 4105

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Thank you, Amy.  Your classes are always wonderful.
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Just love your classes, honesty, and you being you!  Thank you!
Wendy B
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This class was wonderful and the calf release felt incredible! Thank you so very much Amy!
bbitner Bonnie Wendy Nita Tolley Thank you so much!  Nita Tolley .. you've just made my day with that comment!!  I hope to never retire!!
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After a long mountain hike this was so the perfect remedy - thank you so much Amy for caring about us- I have a hard roller which was great -but used a wobble cushion for sidelyings -lovely! x
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What a wonderful workout. My roller is a hard one and I was really able to get into places only a masseuse can get. Learned about about some things as well. Thank you Amy!
Laura Wight
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I could cry I feel so much better thank you so much Amy you are amazing!
Anna R
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Absolutely LOVED this and will definitely be incorporating bits into my daily stretch routine! I did it at the end of the day and it felt so good - thank you!
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Greetings from Ireland Amy, thank you so very much. That felt wonderful!!!
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