Get Up, Stand Up!<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4116

Get Up, Stand Up!
Amy Havens
Class 4116

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Thanks Amy that felt good and I felt much more balanced at the end
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I love your sweet baby laying on the floor while you work out!   Made my day to go along with this great class.
Cynthia G
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Thanks for allowing me in to your space and welcome to mine.:)
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Thank you Amy that was another wonderful class and A lovely challenge, I am sorry I was not able to do this with you live as I’ve been really enjoying both the physical and the emotional wellness that comes with your Tuesday classes
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Amy you are so intuitive! This class is exactly what I need to release and strengthen neck and shoulders. Excellent, heartfelt class. XO
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I love all of your classes; meditation, centering, releasing the tension of the body...all in one ; thank you so much Amy
Joan Bee
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Amy - That class was the BEST! Just perfect to remind me of length and balance and being upright. I’ve been working on cervical and thoracic spine stuff these few weeks, so it hit the spot. Thank you for being here and on PA!
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loved this class - ended my Friday with such a release thank you Amy its so special to have you teach me.
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I also love the combination of Magic Circle and Theraband such a great combination. 
Lina S
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I love the images you've used! Thank you! Nice combination of props. Great standing class, very grounding!
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