Cardio Fun<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 4119

Cardio Fun
Tracey Mallett
Class 4119

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Thank you soo much🙏🙏
Awesome as per usual, thank you Tracey!
Sorry to be negative and I like aerobics but this was quite poor. Bad cueing particularly.
Cynthia G
Havent done this work out for a while, great stuff.  I'd forgotten how much dynamic balance and core work there is in this class.  Thanks
My husband and I love the cardio! Please add more Tracy!!!!
Melissa W
Fab, quick cardio class, absolutely loved it, thanks Tracy! Am stuck in hotel quarantine again in Australia, Day 3, so will be doing this one every day until I'm out .. and likely then some. 
Thanks Tracey!
Not much pilates to be honest but it was good
Geraldine M
So fun!
LOVE Tracy but as this is so far from Pilates I think there should be a disclaimer in the description about how high impact this workout is. For myself I have really weak knees and can't do anything high impact. Whilst I follow all of Tracey's stuff and absolutely love it, this is pretty mostly jumping around, so whilst I did follow along, I was modifying all the way. Lovely to have this included, I just think there should be a note in the description about its suitability.
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