The Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4134

The Mat
Amy Havens
Class 4134

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Sharon Amy Patti Gary thank you all so much for taking class with me!!  I so enjoy receiving your comments here!  The MAT .. one of my favorite things to do!!
Anette VanZant McDougal Jordan Cigdem Connie Susannah glad you all enjoyed this and found some good connections.  Yes, Boomerang... cross the legs, not the ankles , yes!!  
Chuhang I was following the list of the traditional 34 exercises.  I was moving partly for camera angles and adjusting to the smaller space I was in filming this Live class.  
This was lovely! It's nice to slow down still get the work in a more restorative way. =] 
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Thank you so much Christopher !  Yes, this is pretty much how I teach.  I prefer going a little slower (as I'm getting older) and my body appreciates the time to go deep.
Trisha Donnelly
Thanks Amy, like most of us I don't do The List on a regular bases. My body is getting older !!!!!!!! 
Thank you Trisha Donnelly !!
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Thank you, love your energy and class! 
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Amy, I loved this class also your approach, just to do a few reps and not beat oneself up. You are so wise in your delivery and approach to the whole system. I especially loved the chat at the end, about the balance with other more gentle restorative evolutions of practice which work in addition to the classic, rigorous list. Honoured once again to be in your presence. I don' t think I had even ever managed crab before and I certainly don't teach it. It was a great opportunity for someone to make you do the classic list as the general public I work with are usually rehab or level 1/2. So it feels great to be encouraged to get back to the origins.  xx
Jacquie W
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Thanks Amy, this was the perfect class for me today as it had been several days since I was able to do pilates and needed to ease back into it. I enjoyed the variety of exercises and focus on the movement. Your approach to teaching is calming and motivating.
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