Sweet Release<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4153

Sweet Release
Amy Havens
Class 4153

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So grateful for this start to my day. Thank you Amy fit bringing fluid movement and a sense of calm energy to my mind, body & spirit!! 🙏🏻 PS Super cute top you are wearing!! 🥰
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Loved this! I’m a puddle on the floor now I feel so relaxed.   Not sure when I’m getting back up.  Thanks so much Amy, as always. 
Jennifer E
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What a perfect class to start the day! All of your classes, Amy, are so appreciated! Thank you for sharing your movement, your wisdom, your care!
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Wonderful, thank you x
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Thank you so much Amy, I was feeling so much tension before I took this class and now feel way better both physically and mentally. Thank you ❤
Blissful Amy, thanks so much! x
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Thank you Amy! I’ve missed the last few live classes and needed a release tonight after a long day and this was it. Hope to join you live soon. 
Lynda E
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Big fat heart emoji!!! This was exactly what I needed! Thank you, Amy! 
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Loved it just as much as your last one like this! Shared it with a couple friends as well. I felt like jelly after and so calm. Thank you!
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Bravo, Amy. A wonderful combination of perpetual, fluid movement freeing up the fascial lines, whilst providing a refreshing gift for the body, mind and soul! Such impeccable, calming cueing as well, loved the images! Thank you for sharing this wholesome much needed class, just a lovely respite to let go of tension and rigidity and restoring a sense of suppleness and mobility!
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