Reconnect to the Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 4188

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Great class, thank you so much. Great teacher!!!
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This is a great over all class. I have done it a couple of times.  I too have purchased my own reformer and this is keeping me sane and content.  Thank you Amy
Thank you Amy! I love your cues, it's like you could see me ;) This is exactly what I needed today!

Michelle N Wendy M Roxane W KRISTY MORGAN SANDS thank you all so much and I'm ever happy that you too, are reconnecting with your Reformer and yourself!  Let's keep it going!!
Always love being in your class, Amy, thank you! Aloha!
Thank you Amy, I have done the class twice now and my body is feeling amazing!
Our local Pilates studio just closed and I was able to purchase one of the reformers. I’m not new to Pilates (20 years) but it’s been a while since I’ve worked on the reformer. Amy’s video was my re-entry and it was stellar. Thank you. It gave me courage. I liked being able to watch, “rewind” and then do the movement.
Thanks Amy I love this class both mindful and encouraging reconnectivity x
2nd time for this class. SO much more confidence. Thank you, Amy!
This was a fabulous class!  Amy, you always present a great class.  Just reconnecting with PA and I did your class yesterday.  It has been some time since I have been on my reformer and this was just right.  Thanks so much!  
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