The Posterior Chain<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4209

The Posterior Chain
Mariska Breland
Class 4209

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Lots of great stretches and exercises. I had fun and feel  more toned. Since you mentioned that you have MS, I am mentioning that my daughter does too.  I am well aware that some days everything is fine and some days.. not so much. Thanks Mariska for keeping me in shape:) 
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As someone that is still working from home & sitting at a dining room table, I really enjoyed the class. Thank you Mariska. Now it's off to the couch!!
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Hi Mariska!
Great workout. You mentioned weight training in the beginning of the class. Do you supplement your Pilates with a weight program?

David Yes! I do strength training twice a week.
Alison D
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Thanks Mariska, loved all the posterior chain ideas. And your humour is great too haha. 
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Thank you Mariska, loved this class
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Thanks so much for this great class, Mariska! The posterior chain is often not worked enough by most pilates classes/movements so this class is priceless!! Would super appreciate more posterior chain workouts. 
Tess S
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Thanks Mariska, love your creative variations and functional exercises .
I can't get enough posterior exercises! delicious :)
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Feels like I'm stretching some muscles and body parts I've obviously been avoiding, lol.  Definitely a keeper to repeat, thank you Mariska,
Gary thanks for letting me know. Indeed, it's an up and down disease. Live video shoots certainly remind me of that! My last class was a struggle, but I think making a career in fitness has been good for my health overall. And, I'm giving a TedX talk soon (it was supposed to be live and now will be online) about how you might accidentally end up in doing something you never imagined! xo
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