Fantastic Foam Roller
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4222

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Greetings from Ireland Cathleen. Lovely to virtually meet you!! What a wonderful class, I adore the foam roller. This is a class that I will be doing again and again. 
What a FUN class Cathleen!!  I love your joy and energy.  I thought I knew a ton of exercises on the foam roller, but you showed me lots of new ones!  I love teaching Pilates with props these days to keep my clients engaged, interested and challenged (and this class was a challenge).  I will be searching out more of your classes on PA!  Thanks from Atlanta where it's a gorgeous 76 degrees.
Diane ...thank you so much! I LOVE teaching on the RF so much...I just taught this morning on my site and used light weights and boy, I was shaking for sure! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.....sending hugs from Cali to Atlanta!
Etaine ...I LOVE Ireland! I'm thrilled to be able to reach so many around the world. PA has given so many of us access to Pilates enthusiasts everywhere.  Thank you so much for taking the time send me a comment
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Thank you so much for a great class!  So much fun and new moves with the roller!  
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Greetings and many thanks from Helsinki, Finland! What a fun and challenging class!
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Thank you! That was fun - and challenging! Greetings from the west coast of Sweden! The sun is setting into a mild (15° C) and grey (but no longer rainy!) early Saturday evening. 
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Greetings from a chilly wet South Africa.  Spring just doesnt feel like coming yet. Thanks for getting me to go places I normally wouldnt dare with such a smile on your face and a laugh.  Feel good.  I repeat and I will feel great, I'm sure. Thanks.
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Hi from the New Territories in Hong Kong! A bit sweaty here, especially after that epic class. I really enjoyed the variety and challenge. Lots of things I have never tried before. Thank you!
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Thank you from Reno, NV for a lovely class with fun new ideas with the foam roller! Love your cute top - would love to know who makes that?
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